The Prince is in town.


There’s a buzz above

Its hard to miss

George is planning a house-warming

For the Prince it seems

Yeap, they’ll all be there

The keepers of music

Its a private party

That lesser mortals like us, shall miss.


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Out of tune

For the life of me, I can’t remember the lyrics of today’s songs or recall a recent tune. Believe me, I’ve tried. Especially the soulful ones. On the contrary, I still remember each of the ones I heard decades ago. And not just those which were freshly churned out at that time but the older Hindi songs, way before my time. I refuse to accept that my memory is THAT bad! After all, i remember tons of other new things. So I sat down, relatively unbiased (except for the crappy memory part) to analyze all the reasons that I can think of, possibly leading to this situation :

  1. My mind is too filled with other things to give songs my attention, unlike before.
  2. Music is so much easier to acquire now, a song that we might have run around trying to find a LP, tape or CD of, is all over the place. Nothing is coveted- lyrics, music everything’s online.
  3. The old timer’s view- they don’t make it like the good ol’ days anymore. But remember, every generation says that!
  4. The songs are way too complicated, the singer tries so hard to show his talent, its just not easy to sing along.
  5. Even the good songs of today have way too less a half-life. Too many songs are churned out and the top tens are replaced everyday.
  6. Most of the yesteryear songs were film music and we connected the songs to actors and actresses. Definitely in the Indian Film industry. Now, they all look the same to me.
  7. Maybe the soulful melodies have lost their meaning in today’s world. Maybe we don’t connect with them with what we see happening around us anymore.
  8. Maybe the whole idea of remembering songs has lost its meaning because we’ve changed…I’m OLDER! But wait, my life proves I’m young at heart!

What do you think?

Here’s one I remember