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Like many parents doting over their kids, I, too have bitten the soft toy bug. In retrospect, I’m thankful that UNLIKE many indian parents I didn’t keep him away from the real furry ones. Now that those happy-go-lucky inanimate ones that ruled over his days and nights are merely serving as pillows around his bed, I thought I’d write an ode to all of them and one in particular.

About eight years ago I bought a soft toy for my son. A plump grey elephant, with some pink on the ears and laughing eyes. I christened it, Ellie – a girl elephant. Not sure whether the idea was to make my son grow to be sort of gender neutral, or just that I liked the cute heart a lot. There were others too and Ellie found her friend in a tiger, a huge bunny, Noddy and a polar bear. And like all the bigger ones, looked down upon the smaller dolphin, panther and the dinosaur. Like all pachyderms, she loved a swirl in the water, coming out of it quite the perfect being, unlike the others trying to hide their limp tails. Being the only girl among the boys, she immediately found a protective friend in the tiger. Oh yea, she was one of the few allowed to ride him. But that was only until I had my way with the kiddo. Somehow my son lost all interest in Ellie soon enough. All my efforts to make him like that girl, failed and the only time my son held her was to hold her trunk and put her aside. That was one of the first lessons my son taught me about his choice on material things. And how he would absolutely resist me forcing mine on him. However, being possessive, he refused to share her with any one else too.

He stopped playing with his softs about a year ago, but doesn’t let me remove anyIMG_20160621_205403638. So, all of them sit there, aging. Unlike us, not worse off without use.

Ellie, the ever-smiling happy protagonist in this note, sits proud with her trunk perfectly poised, with the only regret of not having made any memories with her favorite people.

Notes for us

They are kids, not adults

They aren’t a punching bag for your bad day

Don’t make them grow faster, slow down your own thinking

Its not business as usual. Its unconditional.

Don’t make them pay for their happiness

They’ll do anything if they can feel the love

Affection first. Rights and responsibilities later

You aren’t doing them a favor. In their mind, if you’re doing something its because you like doing it with them.

It takes very little to keep them happy. But do you even have that little within you?

Giving them food on a plate should be a thankless job, find charity elsewhere.

When was the last you did something just to bring a smile on his/her face?

My childhood can never be the benchmark, I haven’t turned out perfect.

And neither have you.


Colors of my land

As Red as the bloodshed it has seen over the ages

As Pink as the quintessential indian bride

As Blue as the heart worn on the cricket field

As Yellow as the mustard fields

As Green as those fast disappearing forests we hug

As White as the clothes we wear today to take on others’ colors

Happy Holi to you. Love.