Son, your exams are around the corner. Pull up your socks and then gently roll them down over the holes.


The uncomfortable truth

We have a constitution, now, that never lets us forget our caste or religion. What is hailed as the most comprehensive constitution of all times, undoubtedly written by the best keepers, failed to take into account greedy politicians and irrational people.

Before Mandal Commission gave out caste-based reservations, I didn’t know or care about my classmate’s caste. And overnight, everything changed. Those of us in schools at that time, will know exactly what I’m talking about. The ones in colleges were bitter and fighting it out, politicians did their bit, house-makers feared for their children’s future. ..and we, watched silently as the seeds that were sown then turned us into cynics in later years. More than two decades later, we trust nothing.

Also, as I grew up, I understood the merits of the reservation policy and then watched those merits disintegrate as the politicians pulled forward the ‘backward’ flag for everything.

What was meant to be an important social and economic exercise now merely reduced to a political campaign. And important it was. There was education to be taken care of of the ‘lower’ caste, primary and secondary – the lifeline of our students. There were job opportunities to be made, even for unskilled labour with higher paying jobs. The ‘upper’ caste were to be educated to allow the integration and facilitate it. It was important to make our society to respect labour – all labour. But when has something that has been forced, not left bitterness and resistance?

Imagine the travesty of ‘upper’caste but economically backward group of people. They have nowhere to go.

Imagine the exasperation of ‘lower’ caste but economically better people. Looked down upon for their lack of merits.

Imagine the despair of economically backward, ‘lower’ caste people who never got the benefits of the reservation, because the politicians and their kins, and the better educated amongst them took all the advantage. They were let down by their own.

In the recent Rohith Vemula’s case, the second part comes true. We’ll never know the truth behind the suicide. It’ll remain hidden behind political voices, propaganda and the scratched words on his suicide note. All I know is that none of our education system miss a chance for protecting a good student. You see, they are the face of a successful institution, not those who are constantly rebellious. Maybe the students think that there is more success in being a politician which requires little merit, and indulge more of their own time and parent’s money in campus politics. I don’t know.

But its scary to think that there are more potential political leaders’ whose efforts will be sky-rocketed than the quiet hardworking lot which silently pursue what they set out for in these institutions. When will our obsession with the political class reduce? Its sad to know that those who do this (caste apart) will continue to struggle for jobs.

As usual, the meritorious are not rewarded, professionally or financially.

Its never too late to rectify the policies, that’s what policies are meant for. A re-think of the existing system which doesn’t break the backbone of our society.

As always, there are no bastions for benefit of the poor, only those who showcase and debate it.


What’s in rage today?

Everyone is angry in India these days. And while it is not too tough to decipher who is angry with whom, its damn simple to figure out why.

That’s right. I have it all worked out while people can go on ranting about how diverse and complex this nation is.

It’s like this:

Congress couldn’t digest that they lost to BJP. The Left being realistic about their own doom, also were equally flabbergasted that Congress lost to BJP. The journalists couldn’t change with the times and government because many were married into the opposition. Congress decided to be angry at India for voting against them. (How could we minions possibly do that?) And of course, nothing should move in this country without them and decided to use its Lutyen’s power to stop everything. The Hindus are divided as always, and some are angry for being punished for being the most tolerant religion, while others are continuing with the anti-hindu stand that has served Congress well. Every other religious minority were not that wary until the Congress made issues of all those things that they had themselves left untouched for many decades. The Hindus feel that finally their voice against others may be protected and have started speaking out. Tables have turned. The Left have lost all their agendas amidst the din of decadent sloganeering. Wonderful how the pro-Left student and university teacher take tremendous pride in free speech and the power of words, but are quick to defend wrongful comments with a ‘these are just words’. In effect, the pro-Left, Leftist and ultra-Left continue to do what they have done for ages – nothing. Wonderful. Our most ‘intellectual’ (self-proclaimed) group of people are counter-productive for the country. Congress has a good laugh at their life-long Left baggage and shed it as they feel like. But nobody can afford to stand next to a fool for too long. BJP knows that no matter what they do, they can’t fill the egos of the Congress. Its a big empty balloon and only air can do this job. BJP has loose tongued blabbermouths who make sure that the religious minorities remember whom they are being governed under. Modi realizes that governing a state is very different from a nation, and is angry that he isn’t being left alone to do what he had planned to. With only a few good wo/men, he has to figure out how to shuffle the cabinet. The common man suddenly finds Delhi’s politics in ALL national news channels. Surely there’s more to India than Delhi. As a resident of Delhi even I find that a bit too much. Thanks to that a raw, clever and selfish party like AAP gets into national politics without any expertise in running a state.

The court seems to be solving more state problems than civil ones.

(that was simple enough, no?)

Congress has led from the front all these years by suppressing the majority’s voice through clever infiltration into the system. I remember of an incident two decades ago, when death of a policeman in Jamia Nagar by a mob didn’t even make news, was hushed and remained word of mouth. As a Hindu, I was terrified of entering into Muslim neighborhood. Not that they would have done anything but this is the propaganda that Congress survived on. Keeping the two communities apart. Making sure that any wrong done by one against the other, never reached out. And remember that the media was heavily controlled by the government of that time. The Left fought this for the underdogs like they always do. So minorities and backward classes got a voice. And the rest, waited for BJP to come to power.

BJP has a relatively honest and outspoken bunch of people and do not know how to weave into the system quietly. Its not that their ideologies are better or worse than the others but  no one can be as cunning as the Congress and as deceptive as the Left.

And then there is road rage, and each individual, charged and opinionated with political fuel from the news of the previous night’s primetime, thinks they can behave as irresponsibly as the politicians.



Its not as if the judicial system is not good enough, but social justice finds a place in all countries. Moreover, look how frequently we ourselves sit in judgement over everything that we believe is the right thing to do.

Some days back, all Indians were busy judging each other over how secular/communal/tolerant/intolerant/pro-pakistani/anti-national/Hindu/Islamic (the list is endless) etc people were. It was a bit too crazy.

Each to his own, they say. Your own life must be very sorted if you can really bother a lot about others…well, good for you. But let’s just leave it at that.

“Where do these people find the time to judge others so minutely, I wonder?? Have they themselves achieved nirvana?! ” – is what I should say but instead…

I find I’m judgmental too.

This country specializes in intolerant/communal/anti-nationalist paid journalists. Under the blanket of freedom of expression, facts are distorted- outrage created, to the extent of promoting disharmony amongst us Indians. And what do we do, we let them go scot-free. Not one wrong report is righted. Not a single apology issued. This has taken hazardous proportions, much like the Delhi air.

I’ve come to accept the TV journalism for what it should be – Entertainment. Any sane person will not let it determine his/her action on the streets, or with other people.

If you really want hard facts about the steps taken or not-taken by the Government, dissent by serious individual with the know-how of assessing the material – read the print media. I think any government should be kept on its toes, but not at the cost of marginalizing a few and creating chaos. There will be no exaggerations in the print media. And neither this unfounded need to blow everything to larger than it ethically needs to be. With the kind of reach TV journalists have, they desperately need some classes on ethics in journalism. Even a lay person like me, can probably teach them some. Yes, they are THAT bad.

Government bashing is our national sport. 

The funny part is that few even know whether the governance itself is better or worse. Or whether the country is heading in the right direction. Or offer serious comments or thoughts on policy decision. Forget about that – policy decisions are not even discussed in the Parliament (directly thanks to the opposition) , let alone on TV news channel (indirectly thanks to the opposition). You see, Congress has infiltrated the minds of enough people in the country in so many years that it can survive on past glory, inherited epigenetically. 

Of course, I detest the Congress – it stood for nothing when in power. Kept the poor, in poverty and illiteracy, so that they got the votes in the next elections. The favorite vote hunting ground of the Gandhi’s – Amethi, is a classic example. And now in opposition, it stands up only to halt work by the government chosen through a mandate. Though, I admire Sonia Gandhi for personally achieving what she has.

Do I love the BJP? Not really. I’m willing to be open and give it a chance. Anything is better than Rahul Gandhi and his dynastically cronies who sit around him in the Parliament. I admire Modi for having a vision that no other PM has had in recent times. His ministers work hard, like him. Something that Congress ministers have done only for increasing their personal wealth. The Coal block allocation is a scathing reminder of how much they are capable of lies and deceit.

Apart from acquiring a sense of entitlement, the Congress has done little else. This pretty much hold true for most intellectuals and the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Oh yes…

Thankfully, daily newspapers are still the trend in this politics-crazy nation. Half our population will die of boredom if not for these.

I wish everyone would switch off their TVs at the prime 9-11pm every evening, just to teach these guys a lesson.

I was happy to read that a small village in our nation has finally got electricity in 2015, after 68 years of independence.

For instances such as these, I’m ready to leave my cynicism behind and stand behind a government which works.



Your intellect is killing me

We’ve survived decades, telling the majority that they’re a shame

If not for us intellectuals, the Indian race would just fade

We’re the guardians of the nation

And you, just pitiful abominations

Don’t you dare hold your head high!

Remember what the great Mahatma and Nehru taught you

You’re a doomed tribe, downtrodden beyond belief

Nothing you did before they wrote the history books

Make you deserve even a second look.

Don’t let the Rights remind you of our wrongs

Only we can write and re-write history

We’re the ones who glorified your past

Those Upanishads were all wrong.

Pay back


Hell hath no say, as media houses made to pay..

“No free rides to far away places?!”

“THIS government shall be pushed to negative spaces!”

Gone are those good ol’ days

When the bribes would come thick and fast

Wonderful how the Congress loved gratification

Every generation holding on to the tradition

Why, that’s how even our first PM was made in the past.

How dare the BJP tried to do the Right thing!

Centre!, Left is how it should be.

oh India India

As a nation, we are so prone to ups and downs that we forgive, forget but more importantly detach from those that let us down and latch on to whomsoever is giving us a high. Especially in a crowd. Wonderful social adaptation and defense mechanism, isn’t it?!

Anyone watching the South Africa thrash us at this decisive game of cricket, even as i type this post down, would know exactly what I’m talking about.

With the local heroes failing miserably, the crowd chants a South African name like they know him from grandmom’s stories!

Hope you enjoyed that, AB de Villiers!    (Viru, where are you?)

Or maybe the Mumbai crowd is making up for the fiasco for the other less tolerant crowds. And maybe the Mumbai wants to tell us that they’re only intolerant of our nearest neighbors.

Trust us Indians to make sure we enjoy our outing, come rain, cloud, or simply awful performances. Yeup, wear that personal umbrella tilted how you like…change the view et al.

Fantastic crowd at Mumbai today. Well played.

Also..we’re getting thrashed, guys.

Pass the popcorn.