Friends forever

Definition of “friends” is interesting. Its also probably the least looked for. Everyone is so damn sure of what it means.

And here lies the beauty of the relationship. Everyone has their own personal definition of it, which most likely matches with at least one more’s. And that one is enough to give each of us the confidence to say that we know exactly what friends are all about.

The simple definition of “a person who you like and enjoy being with” is generic enough to include even the one you love to be part of it. And love being the complicated thing it is, has seeped into our definition of friendship to make sure that not many things overlap.

After all, how many friends do you ask “Do you love talking to me?” even if it is with the most platonic of intentions. And how many will simply smile back and say “I do”, turn and walk away.

In good times, friends are the ones who are compromised. Take the street dogs, you met everyday for the last year for example, before shifting to a new town/new job/new girl.

“one that is not hostile” – now here’s a definition that even a passer-by can associate with. Surprised that “one who wishes you well” is not included in it.

Friendship has to be related to luck. More the definitions that you accumulate, luckier you are.

I’ve had fewer friends than relationships. Friends are hard to come by. There is no good friend, because there never is a bad one.



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