Not now, I’m dreaming.

My son wants to be an explorer. He’s not sure what it means. But eating raw animals is not included for sure. Traveling with a back-pack is. He also wants to be an F1 champ. And then a world famous footballer. Famous enough to buy us (separately) some super cool cars, essentially. And lately he was told by one of his cousins looking at some photos he had clicked on a tablet, that he’s already a photographer! Sure enough, the child’s mind was left with no opportunity but to put himself onto a slick pedestal. As a parent, my immediate thought was to tell him that he has to work to get there. Which I did.

But there are other similar situations which become tough to deal with. For example, he thinks that when he goes to watch a football match, Messi is sure to come and meet him as soon as I (oh yea, did i tell you i was supermom!?) will call him. He cannot fathom why Messi would not, after all – he wants to meet Messi. Pretty much the same works for Sachin Tendulkar, apparently the next time we visit Mumbai, Sachin is calling us over for lunch. I don’t have the heart to tell him that he should not think of himself as relevant to them. Or (behind their back) tell him that Messi and Sachin will not think of him as relevant. So in my words, they stay busy. Busy achieving. And he should continue to be relevant where he is considered to be so, for now,  before launching himself to the hapless world!

As soon as reality pulls him in and he grows older, he will lose this sense of equality and measure himself according to other’s achievments. The time isn’t too far and until then I’d let his imagination and dreams give him happiness.

After all,  a child’s dream subject to reality is an adult’s hallucination.


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