The best breakfast I ever had was at Palermo, Sicily. 2004. The worst lunch I had was also at the same place. The breakfast was free. So now I know that the best things in life are free. And I don’t have just words to thank for that. I have bacon strips, eggs, toast, loads of tarts to acknowledge. But the peach took the cake. Not on a date! Those absolutely juicy, huge , heavenly slices with some syrup on it…i must have finished them all twice over.


And then there was lunch. Unfortunately, I’m not really cut-out for the sea-food heaven on Earth. I avoided all the highly recommended dishes and did the colossal mistake of asking for some veg. With some elaborate explanation about fish not being my type of veg, I asked for veggies. The waiter, an elderly guy, said I reminded him of his daughter and was VERY sure that he knew exactly what I was looking. Both of us, he in his broken English and me, pretty much matching his expertise, figured out a dish which I imagined my Mom cooking and he probably visualized his daughter gobbling. After much fan-fare what was served with a doting smile was this.

Boiled spinach

Yep, that’s it. No famous cheese sprinkled and crunchies to go with it. He made sure that he hung around and ask me several times whether I liked it.

My answer to that has to be the most consistent lie anyone has ever spoken.

I never found those amazing peaches again.



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