Hold on

When the games stop, life begins

It hits you hard, it makes you think

Makes you wonder, if games were all you had

And all you wanted anyway

Those wonderful laughs, those flirtatious hands

Some loving voices, some beautiful faces

Those friendly bruises, some refrains

Cover them well, those memories should stay

In some dark corner, allow them to fray

Run your fingers on those edges from time to time

Remember those careless thoughts, those half-baked dreams

To know what you chose to let go and what you didn’t

Turn to go back, if you must

But only to stay there forever

Do you have the courage, or the will?

The need? – A thrill?

Else grow you will, hardened by the days

Hopes measured in reality

Loving those who care

Grow as I have

Probably, the only way



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