Figures o’ peach

English has defeated me multiple times. And, it’s not just an Indian thing, you know. I mean, it just doesn’t make sense! there are no phonetic rules..everyone does what they feel like with it.. oh okay, so maybe there is an Indian thing going on around here.

Well, anyway.

Today, I spent five minutes thinking.

No, no…it doesn’t end there.

I spent five minutes of my precious shower time thinking of appropriate usage of ‘cut-out‘ and ‘made for‘.

I mean, am I cut-out to be a chef/writer/scientist? or am I made for it?

I reached an interpretation, a personal contribution to the language we often muck up (although it already is much more than just that).

I’m going to use ‘cut-out‘ to represent a characteristic from an existing population, which started out being heterogenous however became completely homogenous after a point of time. Something like how we roll out a dough of a mixture, homogenous in composition – and cut out figures from it, of different shapes and size. Essentially having the same composition with different proportions. There could be many.

And I’m going to use ‘made for‘ for someone who (I perceive) not only qualifies but is exceptionally suitable for a particular situation/job, and has something more to offer above the homogeneity or maybe not, but nevertheless, perfect for the job at hand. I suppose, made-to-order. And most likely, incapable of doing anything else, any better.

And who decides perfection?..guess that should be another debate altogether.

P.S: I have years of experience in screwing up the English language. I suppose I’m absolutely cut-out for writing here.


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