The only excuse for not believing that aliens made the world we are living in, is the length of time it took for us to happen! A few million years.

Are we still evolving at the same rate? There are fewer bottlenecks to allow selection. At the same time, the environment is changing so drastically that it could easily drive or deviate a process. Wonderful time to contemplate what we, as modern humans, are bringing on to ourselves.

There are a number of genetic variations (at single gene levels) that could point to our adaptations to dietary habits such as lactose tolerance. There are also genes which determine whether we are more likely to be affected by certain diseases and these, too, have a geographical preponderance.

It would be wonderful to predict some phenotypic changes over the next thousand years based on our current lifestyle. Unless, of course, we are struck by a meteor and completely wiped out.

Evolutionary biologists are in exciting times, I believe.  While I’m certainly not trained to be one, here are just some of the changes i think would happen (not based on any scientific data):

  1. Our use of thumbs has tremendously increased with the mobile phones and technology. I can imagine our little pinkie not being little anymore in the future, and all digits equal sized.
  2. Shoes instead of bare feet will make sure that the little toe disappears.
  3. That mop of hair on our head has lost its value in today’s controlled temperatures. Off with it! Throw in the eyebrows too
  4. Our sense of smell should soon become redundant with the rise in pollution.
  5. With the increasing decibels, our ears will try to lessen the onslaught and we would lose our shell-shaped wonders.
  6. Appendix should be gone
  7. Our skin should become thicker
  8. …..I’m still thinking about it

The link below is a beautiful representation I came across, of some of these changes that we’ve gone through. The credits are on the video itself.

Mesmerising video shows the evolution of man’s face over the course of six million years


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