Sun, our only lifeline.

Pained by the events in Paris. Thankful that my cousin is alright. Angry at the whole situation.

So, these terrorists have no religion? By all means continue to live in la-la land if you wish to. I would call myself stupid if I don’t link the Islamic state acts to religion (albeit a misconstrued version) with these terror attacks especially when they themselves insist that all heinous acts are done in its name.

If its by one religious faith today, tomorrow it can easily be another. And to counter one of such magnitude, it needs to be recognized for what it is. By everyone. And yes, the same goes for any other religion. But right now, what we are facing is this one- in a very raw and morbid form.

Its an unfortunate truth that many peace-loving Muslims across the world would just have to accept without being defiant about their teaching or offensive towards other religions. More than anything else, they should find a common voice to condemn it strongly.

The uglier truth is that currently this is the only form of terrorism we are facing in the world.

All I know is that thoughts and prayers seem like excuses in such events.

They do nothing.

Considering how politics work, not too surprised that none of the following are religiously followed by governments across the threatened nations:

  1. Overlook the immediate benefits and stop funding of all sorts to the terror groups and their supporters. Forget oil and arms.
  2. Make sure that fanatics are muted, in whichever way possible and their voices not allowed to breed, no matter how much freedom of speech is coveted in a nation.
  3. Dumb down religious belief of all forms and all religions, to maintain a balance for the future generations.

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