Just lights, camera and minimum action, please!

Well, this Deepawali, Delhi seems to be getting its Festival of Lights back. Apparently the sale of crackers is tremendously reduced and what that means is that all those beautiful lights, diyas and candles that everyone painstakingly decorate their homes with, is actually going to be visible!!

Here’s a view from my balcony right now.


I’m pretty sure that when Lord Rama returned home to Ayodhya after a victorious foray in Lanka eons ago, there weren’t any crackers and mini-bombs to raid anyone’s eardrums with.

I love putting lights everywhere…well, I guess wherever I can find a place to plug it in. Can’t say I make superlative efforts, though.

However, there is something superlatively funny about using Chinese lights in all our drowned-in-tradition-and-culture festivals! Every damn light and half the decorations available are Chinese.

Screwing up their circadian rhythm
I love you, too
I love you, too

As a festival, this one has a lot of happiness associated with it for people in the north of India. Not fun like Holi (the festival of colors) but simply, joy. It has stayed the same year after year, and I really can’t remember one Deepawali from another but unlike Holi, i haven’t stopped participating in it, ever

The sky is crackling intermittently now..

Crazy, this fascination with crackers and smoke producing sparkles. I’ve done it too, earlier. But for now, I’m hoping that others won’t. After all, its not the same air that we were breathing in 20 years back.

As the day has progressed, the air has worsened considerably. No matter what happens, there aren’t enough intelligent people around in Delhi who would think that while they cater to their unknowing child’s whim and fancy, they’re probably taking away a few years from them and others like him/her. Even when children refuse, parents try and convince them to have a good time (like they used to) and forget about the world.

Overall, we adults have a lot of growing up to do.

Also, I think I’ll change my name if I see a single star in the sky tomorrow.


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