Everything and then, some more


my son



You’ll be nine in a few days time. You’re trying to find your space under the sun and like all journeys this too begins at home. Your voice is getting louder, arguing your concerns while you still give those impromptu hugs. Soon this voice will change, if not the words.

The tremendous faith you place, no complaints, in choices I make. Is that large heart really inside your lean frame??… somewhere that should put the best of us adults to shame. I’ll always remember the lesson you’ve unknowingly given us. We’ll always fall short trying to fit your shoes. We can never be kids again. The uncomplicated you.

You enveloped a stranger, and your blanket is unchanged. Your love has been the same. This tremendous faith. I’m so proud of you. For being who you are and letting me know who you want to be. For making mistakes. For being honest. For listening to reprimands and feeling bad about some. Some, not all. For telling me that not all my concerns matter to you. Because they aren’t yours in the first place.

You made everything so much easier and I can’t even begin to explain why I’m thanking you, just yet. Someday you’ll read this post… someday, you shall know.


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