oh India India

As a nation, we are so prone to ups and downs that we forgive, forget but more importantly detach from those that let us down and latch on to whomsoever is giving us a high. Especially in a crowd. Wonderful social adaptation and defense mechanism, isn’t it?!

Anyone watching the South Africa thrash us at this decisive game of cricket, even as i type this post down, would know exactly what I’m talking about.

With the local heroes failing miserably, the crowd chants a South African name like they know him from grandmom’s stories!

Hope you enjoyed that, AB de Villiers!    (Viru, where are you?)

Or maybe the Mumbai crowd is making up for the fiasco for the other less tolerant crowds. And maybe the Mumbai wants to tell us that they’re only intolerant of our nearest neighbors.

Trust us Indians to make sure we enjoy our outing, come rain, cloud, or simply awful performances. Yeup, wear that personal umbrella tilted how you like…change the view et al.

Fantastic crowd at Mumbai today. Well played.

Also..we’re getting thrashed, guys.

Pass the popcorn.


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