Bad Journalism

Today I’m watching the journalism and media in India at its lowest. I’ve been watching TimesNow evolve over a period of many years now. The main protagonist is now Arnab Goswami, who struts about claiming to be the best news anchor in the best news channel. And the channel now promotes all news anchors who are equally loud. I’ve seen him conduct some good programs in his earlier years but now he has taken over all investigating agencies in the country, pronounces a judgement and the rest of TimesNow does the propaganda. So here is how it unfolds…and I leave it to you all to decide whether TimesNow should be booked for instigating violence and negative propaganda, after all they are constantly blaming EVERYONE for doing so.

I am as disappointed as anyone else that India went out in the semi-finals, a tame loss against a mightier Australia. Atleast today. Scrolling through news channels, here is what I saw…HeadlinesToday, discussing the game, lamenting the loss BUT criticizing those who were burning posters of the Boys in Blue and TV sets. Knowing that, very often, the public reaction gets violent against the sportsperson, isn’t this what all of media should do? This is a game, and not in the time of gladiators. Losses will happen. As a sportsperson, every cricketer will feel bad. The Times Now group, instead of keeping up the spirit of the game, are analyzing each syllable said by a cricketer, putting him on the same pedestal as that of a scamming politician. The game has ended, we have a captain who did what he could, a team which played badly on the day. That’s it. So what does TimeNow do? Well, it gets a couple of anchors and treats the game equivalent to all other outrage that it does. It seems equivalent to CAG scam, protests against rape and its recent anti-VVIP racism outrage.

TimeNow, are you stupid? There are flames being projected with tag-lines such as #ShamedInSydney set to appear for Arnab’s prime time in the evening. Arnab, have you lost it?? When has there ever been shame in representing your county and losing a match? Is that what you would say to all sportsperson who lose a match? These are sportspersons who do not measure their words like the politicians do…tired of media speculation, they decide to banter back in a press conference. And to counter that your anchors claim that it is the media who has made Dhoni who he is today! Aren’t you ashamed of the crap you rant out?! Is TimesNow group going to claim responsibility and shut their stupid channel if any of these players’ homes are defaced or families hurt, emotionally or physically?? Because from where I’m sitting, TimesNow seem to be instigating all this.


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