Nope, still nothing nice to say about it.

What is it about religion that pisses me off? For starters, it doesn’t put humanity on the top. Coming from a fairly mixed family of liberals and conservatives, freely discussing our own religion and praising/thrashing it as much as any other, I’ve realized that I really shouldn’t waste more time over it. Having said that, it doesn’t stop me from writing here about it. Well, essentially, I refuse to let it determine sequence of events in my life anymore. I’ve seen rituals been given precedence over relationships. I’ve seen people praising festivities for bringing together people and think that’s a scam. I’ve seen wastage where the poor could have been beneficiaries. I’ve seen the rich remembering the poor only once a year, in the name of ancestors and coolly treating them as the scum of the earth for the rest. I detest the false sense of greatness it gives people for doing good in the name of God. What it only tells me is that they are incapable of doing anything good by themselves. It has been divisive to the extreme. I wouldn’t want to give a religious turn to the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, but hey!, I’m not stupid. I also know that only a handful are responsible but guess what made them so?! And let’s not be stupid again in thinking that this will happen to only one religion, mindsets are changing faster than babies are born in this world.

The news, discussion forums and social media are full of opinions.

So here’s mine, yet again. Religion is the biggest scam ever to have existed in this world.


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