..and nothing but the truth…so help me blog!

At some point of time, I realized that I have very little to do with what people spend a lifetime nurturing. Pretty much everything, except a kid. Their cooking skills, for example. It takes tremendous patience to not only cook but also remember the mistakes that you made. Making friends, is another. It’s absolutely wonderful to watch people take time out and go out of their way for a few. I think I was just lucky to have some who gave a long leash to me for not always being friendly. Working towards a job and then keeping it, would have topped this list on a value-for-money list. After a series of degrees I just realized that apart from feeling the heat of the pressure, nothing else tastes as good. Making love, but let’s not get into that right now.

Reading some of you wonderful people out here, contributing and writing your thoughts with an amazing ease tells me yet another truth about myself. That I’ll never have the patience to nurture my rants. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t make me stop! But it certainly makes me admire you all for the patience you show while nurturing a not-so-fine writing. If my life doesn’t offer enough to write a few lines worth reading when I feel like writing, sometimes I just borrow some of yours.


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