And that’s the way a cookie toughens

After all, most people around us are just waiting to see us crumble. {On the delectable side, the distance from hand to mouth is fraught with a recall of culinary negotiations}. All in all, we are just trying to hold fort here. It’s easy to forget that the pick-up is the toughest test. Easy to forget that even getting the ingredients was delayed by months. From a self-taught cook to being self-cooked, is one hell of a journey. So while I tried to bake a perfection, a devious intervention, peeped in and decided to twist up a storm. The heat was turned on just a bit too long. Something in the ingredients rebelled and chose to not incinerate. Entropy heard my mutinous laugh and doubled-up trying to keep the noise and moist out. And this cookie toughened.

Now, this cookie is not looking to chip a tooth or two but a grating sound as a scare would do.


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