We’re a bit like Pluto. No, not the lovable pooch we all want as a pet, but the Pluto of astronomical fame. There it was, minding its own business and gases, dancing with its own moon, having a swinging time when we all decided to call it our own. “No! it said, I’m not leave me alone!” Humans, selfish as always, brushed it aside with all its debris (that they couldn’t quite see), fast tracked its moral acquisition like some merger depended on it. And just like that, it acquired a family. And relatives, albeit far-removed. The schoolbooks hugged it. The models colored it. The children mugged it. Until one fine day, the eyes grew wider and the perspectives larger. It didn’t quite worship the sun like the others! Blasphemous! It loved a small part of itself more and made it the center of its attention. But then it was always like this. It moved amongst the outcasts, the debris of our yesterday. Baggages that other’s had discarded while rounding off their edges. It moved amongst our history. And also maybe, the future. After all, you never know what gets thrown up when worlds collide. So, poor Pluto’s status was dwarfed. No amount of “I told you so” it said, would suffice. The schoolbooks scrubbed. The models blurred. The children erased. Some took to the streets. Understandably, so. You never know what has feeling these days anymore. The moral compass worked only when the larger one did. We’re a bit like Pluto. Contentious, thanks to others. An example, when others want us to be. And if the greed of gobbling up everything around us is not there, just like Pluto, not being able to do so is also a problem.


One thought on “Gastronomy

  1. A wee bit like the lovable pooch too, wouldn’t you say? For ages, he has had to deal with questions on why Goofy’s status is elevated to being a human-like speaker, while he, of the same ilk, stays downgraded.

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