Are you in ethics of things?

Remember those times spent in school on moral science? Fables and tales, pleasant reading..largely ignored. I don’t remember a single lesson I consciously took home. As time grows on us, morality snuggled into social norms and science flourished, untamed, questioning everything including morality. Tough to say what morals are. Is it to do with us being better individuals, or better social being? Is it the same as ethics, albeit, undocumented? Is it about right and wrong or simply trends? 

I consider morality to be something which allows us to grow as an individual to fit into this world the best we can with minimum harm to someone else (human/animal/plant).

Which brings the science aspect back to it, because after all we are an ever-changing society, frequently in flux…dynamic, with sufficient documentation to support our theories . Staying away from the wikipedia definition, I would say, Ethics is like a theory of morality of some goodness which you can only hope doesn’t change too often in definition. It can be found written on paper. Or on a computer screen. 

Mostly, ethics is something which jolts us into action when we think we have been wronged upon by someone.

Vague, but important, just like you and me.


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