Shy is the limit

No matter how rich we are, we can’t afford to be shy. Atleast not in our professions. The quiet worker will be appreciated, and if you are the type to only survive on appreciation and more work being handled out to exploit this characteristic, great. Being shy works better on the screen, but then everything works better in movies and TV serials because in that dreamy world, even if characters don’t do any work, EVERYTHING else does. Besides, the camera is where the home is. And the good women are always shy. The bad ones manage to be just shy of housework. Men have it really tough and that’s how they should appear. At all costs. It can get so bad that it always ends up looking like a one-sided staring match. Camera shies away the moment they blink while watching her being shy. (Yes, I watched 5 minutes of a TV serial after months today). But then getting back to work. Try entering a government office accompanied by your timid voice and shy smile, and the characters there will unfold their know-alls, much like overalls, as if it’s their primary source of income. For some reasons everyone assumes, with statistically high probability, that such a demeanor deserves to be taught a lesson. Lessons about life. The ways of the wor(l)d.
I met a mouse three years back. Life taught her to be quiet and wait her turn. I told her to persevere in whatever she did best. She taught herself to prioritize. She chose to be shy with words, a tiger at work and smooth on paper.


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