The muck stops here.

Because that’s as far as it can flow. I’m talking about a losing politician’s unidirectional mindset. A drubbing in the elections is not enough for them to pause their ever-flowing rant of complete bull-shit. Maybe the opposition is taking its work a little too seriously. It’s opposing everything! Since no ONE party qualified to sit in the opposition, they decided to join their stream of thoughts to come up with more effluence. I can understand the nit-picking because that’s how reduced the size of their hand is now, but, what about opposing an early appointment at the Prime Minister Office?! While the smarter ones are busy rushing off to free-flow their black bucks before the Special Investigation Team gets to them, the others are petulant and verbally diarrheic on national TV. Yesterday, I learnt how the learned can become unintelligible and nonsensical when their nose is rubbed on the ground they once ruled.  (Scientific, much?). Until then, i’m just glad that, for the time being, some temporary stop-overs are being made. After decades of decimated decay over caste and religion, the Indians chose to become a herd. For all you know we may even be heading somewhere.


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