Off course

There’s a saying..oh okay, maybe not..that, more frequently you use ‘of course‘ in a lifetime, more off course it probably is. Of course, there’s no denying that it can happen to the best of us, has no bearing on the much-sought after education, and cushy jobs. There are more pessimists on the face of this country who have hidden behind these steel curtains, optimistically believing in their own beliefs. Of course, nothing really matters. Few things change. We’re all going to die, and there’s a 0.1% chance that our lives will change by 90% if we survive. After all, collectively as Indians, we are destined to believe in an after-life unless proven otherwise.

Also the reason why probably, certainty has in-bred mediocrity. Eaten on hope. And reproduced stagnancy.

That has been the state of all our government offices forever. Introduce a five-year appraisal based raise and watch the pessimism unfold. “Of course, they will be more corrupt” “They’ll build their kingdoms in 5 years instead of spanning decades” Things that make you stop and wonder, are we doomed to live in a society which formed its basis along with the 1st five year plan? From a kingdom to a babudom, an undoing which we don’t really have to breed. China and India both follow the five year plan system. Everything is Made in China, just the production of babies has reduced there.

Of course, we have all the answers. We just don’t know what to do with them. Scattered, lost trying to find their questions. Jumping guns, loops, fences, from one topic to another, much like this post.


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