Pace? But, where’s the space?

Perhaps, this is just an excuse for our country not striding ahead. Most likely, I’m too lazy to have the vision that Modi does. He takes an oath and millions will munch popcorn as they watch the show. These same millions throng the streets everyday, bustling about doing their work in the faster moving metropolitans OR clutter the sidewalks in lazy towns. Either way, I don’t see the space to surge ahead. Let’s face it, we’re quite like the gentleman you saw on the streets today, hoping, that when the button on his belly pops, it doesn’t land in your eye. We can’t really envision a future with sore eyes, now can we? So, here I am waiting for more money on my science grant, ready to increase longevity and fight off all cancers, while the country just needs some of us to die and others to not even be born.


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